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Publication: Frontline
Date: 13 - 26 Mar 2010
Edition: National
Reporter: John M. Alexander
Photographer: N. Bashkaran

Often enough we have caricatured the image of a modern businessman. He is that narrow, one-dimensional and greedy individual who is prepared to cheat, bribe and cut corners to maximise his profit. Personally, he might profess honesty and integrity, but he seems to have no choice because everyone else in business is doing that to survive and keep ahead in competition.

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Publication: The Smart Manager
Date: Sept-Oct, 2009
Article by: Sunil Robert
Artist: Nilesh Juvalekar

From the diary of someone who survived and made it! What does it take to survive a tempestuous corporate journey, at times smooth sailing, at times a rough road? The author of the book, “I will Survive” dares to bare it all.

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