Publication: Frontline

Date: 13 - 26 Mar 2010
Edition: National
Reporter: John M. Alexander
Photographer: N. Bashkaran
Often enough we have caricatured the image of a modern businessman..


I Will Survive invites you to pay closer attention to your life, to give yourself what you truly need and to know that you, too, can choose in that moment..

Publication: The Pioneer

Date: 30 June 2009
Reporter: Shana Maria Verghis
His life could have been that of any struggling lower middle-class Andhraite..

Publication: Business India

Date: 26 Jul 2009
Reporter: Parthasarathi Swami
There is something a shade off in the title of this book. It's about survival and comebacks.

Publication: DHNS

And you can read it in the comfort of your house and can chose the book when you want, unlike in a public speaking setting..

Publication: Frontline

Date: 13-26 March 2010
Volume: 27 (Issue - 06)
Reporter: John M Alexander
Sunil Robert’s I Will Survive can be read as a corrective rejoinder to this standard..