I have been working for the past two decades mostly in the field of technology and public relations.
I have been working in the technology marketing sector for the last 10 years. Prior to that, I was in the sales and advertising sector another ten years. I have had the privilege of serving lesser known companies like SPM Instruments, Scientific Instruments (SICO) and A&M Advertising as well as working with bigger names like Eureka Forbes, MAA Bozell, Acer and i-flex/Oracle. Currently, I am Head of Analyst and Public Relations in the marketing department of the Financial Solutions division at TCS (Tata Consultancy Services).
I flirted with Radio, television (Doordarshan) and also wrote for some newspapers. Briefly, I took a shot at entrepreneurship in Hyderabad but soon discovered that it called for a different level of commitment.

  • I received the International Stevie Award for Best Corporate Communicator in 2006.
  • I was runner-up for PR Manager of the Year in 2006. This award is given annually by PR News.
  • I also participated in the International Panel of Global PR leaders in 2005, London.

However, if I had to relive my life all over again, I will probably ask God to make me a journalist. Primarily, because I am a media junkie and I crave for information. If you take me away from my laptop, you are pulling away my oxygen mask and my life support system.

My Education

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education,” said humourist Mark Twain. I totally believe that.
For the record, I have a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Communications and Journalism. I studied History, Political Science and Public Administration for my graduate degree (Bachelor of Arts). I must confess here that even though my undergraduate course at a polytechnic was Electronics and Communication Engineering, it is my wife who changes the light bulbs in our house and repairs household stuff. I am only good with cluttering our house with books.
But some of the lasting lessons that I have learnt have come from daily experiences. In our daily lives, we meet a lot of people and are faced with new circumstances – working with others and dealing with issues and problems is the best way to learn. Not to mention, that these are the lessons that often stay with us.