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My first act of rebellion
As a young boy, one day I was walking to my house when I noticed a mason working outside a house a little away from mine. I stopped a couple of feet away from him and watched him at work. He was bending some iron rods into small rectangles. The mason looked up, saw me and said rather kindly, "Babu, would you mind moving away a bit more?" I was a curious fellow but rather stubborn as well. I asked him, "I am so far, why should I move away?" He said "OK" and with one swift bend, he turned the iron rod in my direction. The rod came and scraped my leg. I paid the price for not listening but yelling out my first gaali was not as much fun as taking to heels when he got up to hit me.
Proverbs are old school
Some may find them cliché’d but there is a deep insight in any idiom or saying. I know many Telugu Saamethalu and I occasionally shock people by quoting one.
Keep bigger goals in mind
While travelling in a Mumbai local between Victoria Terminal and Virar with a briefcase between my legs and an instrument bag on my shoulder, I would use the long journey to study for my MBA entrance examination.

Nothing could distract me from my preparation because for me, cracking the entrance examination was paramount. The frustration of not being able to take a month off as the examination date drew near left me with no other choice. I studied on the crowded train, while waiting to deliver my sales pitch, while eating … I used whatever time I could find or ‘make’ to read. No excuses, only creative solutions to meet a larger goal.