Foreword     Why did I write the book?     Excerpt
A marathon mindset will not only make you successful but also bring meaning, joy and contentment by defining many aspects of your life. You do not look at everything from the perspective of whether you’re winning or losing, but imagine that you are running alongside others in the larger race of life. Only in a marathon does a fellow runner egg you to keep going.

In a world that places utmost emphasis on winning, even if it is by trampling over others, can running the race really be as important as winning, if not more so? And will such a ‘paced’ approach – that is, a long-term view of your work – help you achieve your goals at all?

Look at it this way. Such a shift in your perspective would radically reposition you for long-term success without your ending up all frazzled and burnt-out in a hyper-competitive environment. Can’t imagine how that is possible? Well, believe me, it is! My own life is a powerful affirmation of this. Through the pages of this book, I shall be sharing with you the secret of living life holistically on your terms, holding your own and actually emerging a winner even in the frenetic environment of today, without losing your mind or your health.

I have distilled more than twenty years of work experience all over the world to offer this alternative, for work was never meant to be a drudgery. It ought to be a compelling expression of all that you are passionate about and a true reflection of yourself. In this chapter, we shall be looking at what the marathon mindset is all about, and later go on to explore why it is unique and how you can adapt it not just to add a special dimension to your life but to change it altogether... and emerge from your ‘cave’. So what are some of the unexpected discoveries you will make when you go for that paradigm shift from a sprinter’s mindset to that of a marathon runner?