The world is agog with the debate on Tiger Woods. Public morality versus Privacy Debates have taken center stage again. Rather surprisingly even leading names like Pritish Nandy and Barkha Dutt who are the liberal side of Indian media have taken public stands on this issue.  Not surprisingly much of the discusion has been so far around, the commercial ramifications on Tiger as a brand, an iconic figure, ad nauseaum, ad infinitum.

Iconic figures have rather intriguing relationships with the media, the masses and even their critics. Right now the corporates who rode on his sporting success are watching the Tiger’s movements like a Hawk.  You dont want to bail out too soon at the same time you dont want to be associated with a public figure who is being taken to the cleaners.

I propose that all Brands that used him as an endorsement show some gumption. Some independent thinking and either castigate or defend him. No dilly – dallying, No management mumbo-jumbo.

Human beings are forgiving, more so when other human beings transcend human barriers. To err is human, to forgive divine. atleast once.  But before you forgive let the guy fess up for once. Even if its with Aunt Oprah, with all the melodrama.  Seriously, what does it take to just say those three magic words. “I am Sorry”