Brian McClaren is a  writer with his eyes firmly fixed in the past.  Sample this ” When we lose our way, then we lose our next generation and Perhaps after a few generations, we’ll face extinction”
“The spiritual life is less science than art, and like any art it is learned through apprenticeship”  These quotes give us a sense of how he views the flow of time and the march of mankind in a large panoramic view, rather than either viewing history, the present and future in three different dimensions.

In my opinion, American society with its Individualistic orientation finds it slightly unnatural to be a community. In that context, Mcclaren calls us all to  view Ancient practices. He begins the narrative by pointing that all the three major Judao, Christian and Islamic world views are built on the metaphor of a journey and its associative properties of adventure, excitement and faith in the unknown.

The book also reminds us that the balance between activism and solitude, between faith and action,  principle and practice, the past and the future. “The way of the community”, he opines” “is about the inward journey, not the inward journey into me, but the inward journey into we”. For example, he cites ” Liturgy is a thoughtfully designed, time tested set and order of communal spiritual practices that must be adapted and updated as needed for the times and communities in which it is employed”  A wise reminder to a world that rushes to embrace a culture of everything new and anything novel”

“We being moving forward by looking back” If we ever lose our way.. Good read.