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Westland Ltd. is proud to publish 'I Will Survive: Comeback Stories of a Corporate Warrior' - India's first inspirational memoir by global executive Sunil Robert.
Sunil Robert's career as a corporate executive spans India, the UK and the USA. Over the past 22 years, he has worked in sales, advertising, and corporate communications for many reputed companies and is now recognized as one of the finest communication professionals worldwide. In 2006, he won the Stevie Award, considered by many the Pulitzer for corporate communications. He currently lives in Edison, New Jersey, with his wife and son but continues to trace his roots to Hyderabad through his extended family.

About the Book:
What does it mean to overcome adversities and to live boldly?
This inspiring story takes you on a journey from Sunil Robert's childhood of battling poverty to support a family of six, to his becoming a global, award-winning communicator. Rich and intensely felt, the experiences are also the raw material based on which Sunil Robert identifies the qualities vital for life's journey. Candid and endearingly personal, Robert bares his conflicts, struggles, triumphs and yearnings, making a compelling case for faith, hope, and diligence.

I Will Survive invites you to pay closer attention to your life, to give yourself what you truly need and to know that you, too, can choose in that moment, to live fearlessly by your own rules.