The Book by Andy Andrews is based on two fundamental premises a) Humankind is slipping inexorably on a self-destructive path and b) There is a possibility of a collective and individual restoration, provided we come to one brilliant ephiphany, the make or break decision that will determine our world.

Andy’s style that we came to know through his earlier work, is a mix of sheer creativity and imagination. He extends his previous journey metaphors and continues his conversation around the overarching metaphor of a summit which involves a few historical and religious figures.  As the conversation unravels, he posits that we are on the cusp of a tremendous upheaval and unless we make a deliberate move, we are spiralling away from “successful civilization”

The entry point of each of the visitors to the Summit is intriguing and quite dramatic. For example as he ponders the death of his beloved wife and is caught in a vortex of emotion, his first visitor appears in a rather startling manner. Another character is introduced through the trademark mannerisms and visual cues we have come to associate the famous historic figure with, over the years.

The book is full of concentrated  nuggets
of insights. For example,
Andy says the “Principle of the path” determines the specific direction in which we journey. And that destination for which we should strive is one of a successful life, not neccessarily a life of success” In the conversation with another French heroine, he cites “Hope sees what is invisible, feels what is intangible, and achieves what most considers impossible”

As the journey unravels, each visitor brings an insight that almost convinces David the protagonist of the single solution that mankind faces and is predictably shot down by Angel Gabriel. They endeavour to piece the jigsaw puzzle together with each visitor’s declaration as an essential component.” Wisdom, he opines is the attribute that prevents one from becoming entangled in situations where one needs wisdom”. The author then gets serious and says “Wisdom is the ability to discern”. It is our perspective on life – our balance, our harmony.

Without giving away too much, all I can say is very few books can offer “wisdom” in a such a compelling manner. Go for it….