An open Letter to the Commonwealth panel,

We Indians dont neccessarily plan well, but we execute well. I dont mean the killing type execution, though we kill ourselves in the process of implementing.. I dont know if this a typical Indian trait but I can certainly speak for myself. We dont rush till we hear the engine rumbling in, so to speak before we plan to board the train.  So dont fret, if the buildings and stadia seem far away from Completion. If your PERT/CPM charts indicate that these projects are way off schedule, then take a deep breath and mutter a deep prayer.  We need your patience and faith.  Because in some karmic fashion, all things will finally, almost magically come to pass.  If you havent met a certain Mr. Lalit Modi, make sure you’ call him before you folks board the planes in Indira Gandhi International airport back to your countries.  He moved a massive event in a jiffy to a far away nation and pulled it off, nearly as grandly as he would have in India.  But that was entirely a private enterprise event with little or no involvement from Government players.

Just so you know India may not be a regular at hosting large, transnational events but she is no novice either. Asiad 82 is one event  that went well and a couple of Cricket world cups have been organized as well.   Time may be our biggest enemy right now but we shall vanquish the enemy just before the curtains go up.  We dont make a big deal out of it but hospitality is our country’s middle name.  We get our house in order just before the first lot of guests show up.

No western mind has yet to fathom the uncanny method to our madness. But believe us,  We shall rise to the ocassion, in the last minute.  We shall give the Commonwealth a memorable wealth of memories when the games do get underway.  In the meantime, breathe easy…….