Ok – i have finally resolved that question. I am going to blog. Even if i have nothing to say – I will say it in my blog.  This will be our “adda” henceforth. An adda is a Hyderabadi term for the french word “Rendezvous” While Rendezvous and Adda pretty much mean the same, Adda  is a Hindi/Urdu term where regular hangouts happen.  If “Hang out” is a new century word, adda was and hopeful is, an endearing term where friends meet.

Usually “adda” is a nearby Irani chai joint. In the new world, perhaps it is a pub, or a restaurant or a pool table place – I dont know.  An adda also implies a community, anywhere between three or more people to a fairly large group.  So I am hoping my blog will become a sort of a rallying point.

At an adda, everyone talks, including the owner of the adda. They have a loose agenda but they have one nevertheless. The spirit of the adda is also dynamic, free-falling yet, forceful. It is not a regimented expression but a free spirited flow.  So we shall discover many things.

At the outset my heart goes out to the families of the dead in the Air France crash/tragedy.  My immediate reaction was – NO – Not one more tragedy…But such is the inexorable nature of our life.  Please say a prayer to all the near and dear ones, it is we the living who continue the burden of the dead.  The pain of a pallbearer is often more crushing than the one who passed on.

In the mean time, I promise i will only say something if I am moved, or feel strongly. In these days of verbal excesses, i promise to abide by the code of the adda.  Everyone gets a chance to say something and no one will become a conversational terrorist.

We shall keep talking… Watch this space, sooner or later I will have something profound to say. 🙂