Today’s business world is struggling to free itself from the ideas that were embraced during the 20th century. As a result there is a high level of dissonance and dissatisfaction that threatens to upset the equilibrium of the workforce. Many individuals feel entrapped and constricted and often yearn to find purpose and meaning amidst this high pressure, high stakes environment. Against this backdrop, ‘Bound to Rise’ is a new voice that is grounded in reality, yet offers hope, meaning and purpose. Often times, the most depressed individuals are not those who are impoverished, but those who have experienced all forms of success and still feel empty. This book is not just about success, it is about finding strength, to build a happier individual who can, in turn, contribute to a larger purpose beyond survival.
‘Bound to Rise’ is endorsed by some leading names in the business world, not just because it fills a need in the marketplace but because it is written by a practitioner who walks the talk.