I would like to share with you a few insights from my experience which I hope will be beneficial to you.

In these pages, I will discuss ideas and influences that shaped and fashioned me and also experiences that defined me – both as an individual and a professional. I will share the lessons I have learnt in various areas of my life, be it family, relationships and self-development, you can gain some insights into my journey so far.

I am a corporate communications professional. I work for one of India’s biggest brands – Tata Consultancy Services – ranked among the top 10 IT companies globally. If you are an executive or someone who aspires to make a living in the corporate world, then we have much in common. If you are someone who is constantly battling to move ahead in your career, then we have much to talk about as well.

I am fortunate to be an Indian living in the US as both these countries share a deep connection and share some very similar values.

In the past five years, I have lived in the Europe and US and am increasingly convinced that India is going to the giant of the future. The key catalyst in reshaping India’s future will be the youth of India.

There are wealth makers, social change agents, artists and writers, thinkers, sports persons, business and political leaders who will stand head-to head with their peers from around the world, unapologetic and fiercely compelling. And I am not simply being parochial or jingoistic by saying this. The current geo-political dynamics and socio-economic factors have changed the way Indians are perceived around the world. This is just the beginning.

If you are thinking of buying my book, go ahead and give yourself a chance to read about my journey and the lessons learnt on the way. You are welcome to share your thoughts about me and my experiences.

“If you have heard a similar story of someone achieving much in life after initial struggles, please share their story with me. I would like to highlight them here. My aim is to make my site a rallying point for people who can inspire others.”

I also want you to share this story with others who go through similar struggles. Kindle hope in them and energise them to keep faith and persevere and never surrender. After all, nothing significant is achieved without a strong effort.

I want to use my site as a forum to learn from you as well. If you have learnt certain lessons from a difficult experience, please write to me. I look forward to hearing from you, soon.

Warmest regards,