I have faced several struggles in my academic and professional life. As a young person in a small town, I had very limited people who I could approach and speak about life’s dilemmas and making decisions that can potentially alter the course of life. I had to learn most of my lessons through trial and error.

There were times when I was on the verge of giving up. But I didn’t. And that’s what I want to tell our youngsters today. There will be times when things will look too dark. But the clich√© about there being a light at the end of a tunnel is true.

I want my book to be a guide to you. I want you to feel optimistic after reading the book. Just like life, there are some dark moments in the book. There are some hard settings in the book, particularly in my relationship with my father.

Read on though, and you will find that I get humbled and learn many lessons.

The book recounts some ugly and some downright embarrassing moments of my life. I wish there was some way I could have changed these parts of the book. But I can’t. These are true stories. The good, bad, ugly, and the embarrassing, together form a part of our lives.

Just as I come through strongly in some areas, there are areas where I have failed. It is this aspect that I would like you to bear in mind. I am just like you. Still struggling, but always persevering.

My book is also a tribute to my father and an act of gratitude for my family. They are as much strong survivors as I struggled to cope with life’s vicissitudes. There are many who supported me and this is my way of saying Thank You. Because of your help, I survived.

I shall endeavor to return the favour. Publishing this book is my expression of gratitude and a promise to guide young people to always retain faith in their abilities and themselves.