Sometimes we coach our little boy before when we expect friends or other relatives. Look, when folks visit our home, this is how you behave, be polite, be nice. Keep smiling. I was chuckling when I read about our Honorable Minister P. Chidambaram and Mrs Dixit – CM of Delhi talk about how Delhiites should mend their way before CWG.

Am I missing something here? Shouldnt we mend our ways irrespective of whether we are putting on a grand spectacle.  Jumping traffic lights results in accidents.  Rude and rash driving makes for bad social etiquette. Trying to take short cuts may lead to disasters. Should tax payer’s money be put to better use than spending on advertising campaigns.

The average driver on the road should be made to pay, whenever there is an infraction. If there are violations, they should pay hefty fines. The problem in a sarkari capital is everyone knows a VIP and namedropping allows people to get away with murder. We need a system where driving discipline comes from within, where civilians take responsibility for civility.  Hopefully as more and more socially conscious individuals rise to take leadership for their own life and their families and communities, we will see a change, not just when Commonwealth games are around but for a long time to come.

When you teach a child not to litter, you also ensure that you dont flip a cigarette stub whereever you can or toss a wrapper carelessly. We need to model behaviour before it becomes mass behaviour.  “Tum jaante Nahi Main Kaun hoon”  behaviour will result in more snooty characters who flaunt their connections.  Doing what is right is ridiculously simple but extremely hard to do,