Hi folks, I just got off a a conference call with Jack Canfield, here are some notes.

3 things his coach Clement taught him!.
Dream “It doesnt take anymore time to dream big, than when you dream small”. Jack Canfield
Puck – Get around to it.. His coach would encourage folks to ACT.. People who act on their ideas become successful
Visualise your goals – there is a difference between visualizing and fantasizing.  Goals are his ( JC) screen saver!  Everybook has the potential to change your life.

Goals help you to accomplish three things

a) You start to believe
b) You start program your mind
c) You think positively and selectively
d) You start affirming those thoughts and act on them

JCs tips for networking

Be a part of professional associations and industy bodies
Develop a network

Satellite Video Tour – Through the satellite Radio shows, virtual book tours and teleseminars can be booked and recorded for marketing outreach. Take a week off and then the book sales drop..  Relentless forays into the market yields results.  Radio shows will be the arrowhead for any retail marketing in the USA. Internet Radio shows are also relevant to you because you never know who will be the connector to another series of people. Constant and never ending PR is the only way!.

Bypass Marketing – Research done by book publishers found that only one in 7 buy it by walking..  Taking the books to places where you dont normally expect books to be found. Bakeries,( Best thing since sliced bread)  Gas stations, anyplace where they have to wait, Try and get them into a new venue.  Go beyond the bookstores!. Airports, train stations,

Network – with a win for the other person, win for you and win for the ultimate person you want the book do.. Do a list of twenty possible things that you can ask the person do for you and what you could do for them. Have a giver mindset, sharing mindset as demonstrated by the Chicken Soup authors coauthors in various countries, various fields like Baseball, Golf,

One key lesson that they should act – for prospective authors

a) Have a great book – learn the craft, get feedback, review and grade it by many others ( suggested no 40)
b) Take seminars, get coaching, sit at the feet of the masters, learn more to earn more ( He spent 18000 dollars the first year) Half of the first year’s income… Become a Master – Someone who can literally handle any situation and deliver results.  No one can take away what is in your head. They can take away your home, money, etc… but what is in your head, no one can take stuff away..

What are the leverage points to sell books in great numbers?
Work with top authors, top agencies, trainers and coaches. Share what you learnt and others will contribute.How to cope with rejections, how to use the law of attraction, syndicated column techniques, airports, airline magazines, repurposing material, webinars, seminars, coaching podcasts,  free exposure through grass roots marketing,

Thanks Jack and Steve for an inspiring session.