Depending on how you look, this year was a year of reckoning. There were many cataclysmic events as well as the mundane but to me it was a defining year. What about you? Have you had a good year? If you didnt and are dying ( not literally) to move into the next year, here is a practical suggestion. Why dont you use the next 20 ( nearly) odd days to pursue something that you have been putting off? A new game, A long pending make over, A reunion- whatever….. If you are anyway in 2010 mode, these are bonus days and just go and make them count.  That way, you’ll get into a warm up mode and are better positioned to embrace the new year.

End the year on a high, Like i just read from Calvin & Hobbes,”the trouble with the future is, it always turns to the present”

As they say in this part of the world “Go, got em, tiger”.