It is as if my job and avocation keeps me scurrying from one high to another. Between the “high”s i find it difficult to focus on the routine calls, emails, what most people call BAU. There is a mundaneness to Business as Usual that I dont often take time to destress and use that time to recoup my adrenaline before the rush again.

Marathon runners have a lesson or two for people like us who are ready to dash off. Smell a rose, catch a fish, fly a kite, what else.  Exercise perhaps, Ah it is hard….

Perhaps we should rephrase the quote ” devil is in the detail, Sense God in the Mundane”. In the painful drudgery of routine, perhaps you can tune into God. Meditate, Pray, and find yourself energized to climb the next mountain.   I am always fascinated by the verse ” They that wait upon the Lord shall be strong, they shall run and not be weary, they shall run and not faint”.

The world needs runners like Forrest Gump, who keep on Running. Some however choose like Johnny Walker to Keep Walking.   I would like to run, and not be weary – but before i run, wait… I gotta wait.