This book will separate facts from fiction, ground realities from hearsay, and dispel the myths and emotions that shroud the topic of illegal immigration. Darrell Ankarlo with his extensive experience on the topic asks the poignant question, the inexorable dilemma of an illegal immigrant ” What compels a person to drag his kids away from the comfort of his home, past gun toting border agents, on a life threatening journey through miles of sun drenched desert sands, just so they can spend the rest of their lives looking back over their shoulders when they finally arrive at their destination?

When their is no respect for the Law, Darrell outlines these hordes of border gatecrashers couple desperation with a brazen dare devil attitude and are willing to comeback till they succeed. Sufficiently backed up evidence in the form of audio clips and photographic artefacts the book lays threadbare the magnitude of the problem and how hard it is to even wrap one’s arms around it.

Darrell Ankarlo has a voice and a set of convictions on this topic that pervade the book that it is hard to find anything unambigious on a myriad issues. As a result you miss out the dispassionate, the other’s perspective on the other side. Although to his credit, he keeps echoing, “I love the Mexican culture and the people, but I would like to visit them”

The conclusion of the book is not as impactful as the beginning and the middle. Towards the end it peters off into an idiots guide to immigration. Together with the graphics, though authentic at places the book makes a clear articulation of the problem, the solution however is not as simple or even simplistic as it may seem.