a) Content is King – Will continue to rule, despite popular choruses to the contrary. Sat through a dizzying amount of case studies where great content was pivotal to any break through success.

b) Lead generation rises to the top as the most compelling strategic objective for B2B Marketers. This one was my favorite as many myths were debunked about how we often hide behind clouds of brand building and thought leadership. Not that either of these terms are mutually exclusive but how we continuously feed the sales pipeline will determine the future of marketers.

c) Social media will constitute a lion’s share of the digital marketers portfolio. While traditional marketing tools will continue to play a key role, how fast and how viral do you get your message out will increasingly determine your success.

d) Integrating all these channels will be the job of the marketer. Keeping the tactical as well as the big picture in mind will be the challenge, in an increasingly complex and changing environment.