As is evident in the title, this book is written by a sporty writer who built the entire narrative on the sporty metaphor of ” the zone” where top notch, unparalleled performance is delivered. Dont let the 40 day spiritual gameplan raise your eyebrow in suspicion, the book merits a serious attention, if someone is constantly getting overwhelmed by the pressures of life. Kyle Rote Jr brings his sports credentials and Dr. Joe Pettigrew brings his executive coaching experience to address pressing issues that one always grapples when facing life’s myriad challenges.

Structured in a daily devotional format, the book is a crispy read. Each day’s portion has a thought for the day like the first one ” God desires to be your first responder, not your last resort” So the section ends with the application When God allows pain to overwhelm our lives, he is actually hoping that we run to him because he is our father. Quite relevant and  meaningful as I struggle with the idea of pain and a loving father God all the time.

The Coach’s Corner is the background setting that lays out the issue or the problem that is being addressed on a given day. Like any good coach, this section pulls us out of the hard game to outline our struggles in the larger context of life and spiritual walk. Take for instance our quiet time struggle in the larger, harriedness and frenetic pace of day to day living. “How we view our daily communion with God is an indication of the place of prominence we attribute to him”, the coach suggests.

The Gameplan is the scriptural anchors that form the basis of the topic. Never out of focus, the Bible is the base for every spiritual recommendation that addresses a specific topic. How to form authentic friendships that sharpen us instead of slowing us down? How to deal with Stess? How to leave a legacy are some topics that they address in a well rounded manner. What is interesting is that they collect an assortment of scriptures instead of making a straw man argument on a single verse.

The Playmakers section is the testimony story, perhaps the best of the each day. Knowing that you are not alone in grappling with a host of issues and that many others have overcome before is a sure booster on the journey. Right from coach Tony Dungy to Vince Lombardi, Archie Manning, the book is a sports aficionado’s delight. Perhaps the most compelling metaphor of life is a competitive sport and within the mesh of that metaphor is the must read guide to raise your performance to the next level.
There are also helpful sections like Time Out, and Homefield advantage that pose questions and encourage reflection. If you are the types that soak a book and let it become an integral part of you, Then this book is something that you should add to your soon to read books.