This may sound look a potentially neutral headline considering the book ” No He Cant” was published before the current President’s biggest achievement was clocked exactly 8 weeks ago.  But the book is not a commentary of what the President can or cannot do and is not a judgement about his presidency. It is however an appraisal of the President’s pre-campaign promises and update till a few months ago.

Kevin McCullough is on the few voices that have refused to sing poetry about the 44th President. Whether it is the metric of Economics or National Security, KM evaluates all the hype and euphoria that surrounds the unique presidency that BO enjoyed since his coronation.  Kevin’s writing style is akin  to a Philosophy teacher who sets out an idea, an ideal and compares the reality in that context.  If you are the sort of a reader who is tired of all of the plaudits that pundits have been heaping on the Commander in chief and are looking for a dissenting voice, a contra perspective, No He Cant may be your answer.  Often Critics hold up a clearer mirror than our allies.

The book is an easy read if you are following current affairs. As a result, you are able to breeze through his narrative without having to refer to a political encyclopedia. Kevin’s style is engaging, even if you dont agree entirely with his idealogue, you cannot push away the force of his arguments.