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“Sunil’s life story is heartwarming. His style is conversational and he shares his personal struggles and triumphs with candour. It is hard not to get inspired by such real life values not to get inspired by such real life valour. I gladly commend his effort to reach the youth of India.”

S. Ramadorai

“I am delighted that he overcame so many odds since his childhood to succeed at a global level.”

Rajesh Hukku

“Grippingly written, here is a book that will inspire our young people to aim higher, while also providing practical tips based on Sunil’s own life regarding how actually to do so.”

Prof. Prabhu Guptara

“His book is not just about the road ‘from penury to prosperity,’ but about the greater journey to a life of purpose.”

Joseph P. Kennedy II

“I have known Sunil for many years. He practices the principles he espouses and addresses these questions by encouraging his readers to consider the paradigms from which they view the world and work. He is a passionate and articulate man who understands the challenges facing many today, and I believe his book will encourage, motivate, and inspire you.”

Ravi Zacharias
Author and Speaker

“Vision without implementation is simply a hallucination. Likewise, a book without an experience that can transform you is just an illusion. Rarely do you find someone like Sunil, so enjoy this exciting book for your own success with integrity.”

Dr. Bala Balachandran(Late)
J.L. Kellogg Distinguished Professor of Accounting and Information Management Northwestern University, Evanston, IL., USA

“Sunil Robert’s Bound to Rise is a short but wise book, filled with thoughtful guidance for young people trying to steer their careers through a turbulent corporate world. I encourage young professionals everywhere to read it. It has the potential to change the way you think, and even more importantly, the way you act. That is its value.”

Mukul Pandya
Executive Director/Editor-in-chief, Knowledge@Wharton

“I believe that if each individual in an organization focuses on performing to their potential, the positive effect on the organization can be exponential. In this context, Bound to Rise is a practical book that draws from real-life scenarios and offers engaging insights to help professionals realize their potential. Sunil draws from his experiences and offers realistic and honest alternatives that urge the reader to look inward in order to propel ahead in their lives.”

N Chandrasekaran
CEO and MD, Tata Consultancy Services

“Sunil is an outstanding example of how an individual can, through passion and diligence, realise his dream, overcoming the inevitable obstacles.”

Dr. Kiran Karnik
Former President - NASSCOM

“This book (I Will Survive) will serve as an inspiration to young people everywhere seeking to achieve something in their lives”

Ratan N. Tata
Chairman - Tata Group