“I’m on a mission to transform the world with my communication skills”, is what you hear first when speaking to Sunil. His passion is to reach out people who are in difficult and challenging situations and give them hope and courage that they have power to rise and fight the adversaries.
Everybody has the right to a new beginning. And Sunil would go out of the way to give a group of strangers a second chance. Having worked his way up, despite early disadvantages, Sunil knows the value of second chances.
His struggle-to-success story was feelingly penned in his book, I Will Survive: Comeback Stories of a Corporate Warrior (2010). His second book, Bound to Rise (2013), postulates the theory that we are all prisoners of our habits and beliefs. Perhaps that is why he leans “towards helping those who are in chains.”
Volunteering in a prison is not for the faint hearted. Sunil Robert is spearheading TCS BaNCS, North America in volunteering with a Toastmasters group to helps criminals in New Jersey’s maximum security prison script their life story afresh.
Sunil draws on his personal story of beating the odds and his successful career in marketing and communications in corporate world to illustrate his voluntary sessions at the East Jersey Prison, a maximum security prison in New Jersey, USA.
These sessions are held as part of a US Justice Department initiative to organize life-transforming programmes that can potentially enable prisoners to stay on the straight and narrow path after they are released.
Week after week, Sunil and his fellow volunteers coach prisoners on the art of public speaking, using gestures, evaluating their efforts and offering individual mentoring.
Today, both at work and outside the office, Vuppula strives to motivate people to reach their goals. In addition to teaching leadership skills to his colleagues, he speaks at colleges in India and in the United States about topics such as overcoming adversity and finding one’s calling.
Sunil also mentors students and others who reach out to him for advice. While he enjoys addressing large audiences, he says helping individuals, especially young people, is what matters most.
“If you can make a difference in one person’s life, I think you’ve fulfilled your calling,” he says.
If you would like to be part of the mission, join hands with Sunil Robert and make a difference to one person’s life in your sphere of influence.