OK – this is not a brand new book but I was fascinated enough to re-read and put out a post. This book liberated me from many pressures as a parent, student, teacher, learner and above all a human being. Gladwell is an interesting journalist. Not exactly an oxymoron, but he writes well.  He debunks the myth that geniuses are born by tracing out young hockey players or even young chartered school students. He contends that often we choose the mature ones in an age group and classify them as talented. Because of that labeling and other pampering through extra TLC, these “talented” ones rise to the top.  So he contends that they have as much to be grateful for the opportunities showered on them, as their native talent.

He talks about the minimum effort needed to be good at something – Playing the piano, skateboarding, playing chess or  any discipline that requires certain amount of practice. He identified that a player requires 10,000 hours before he can master the game.

I have another 9999 hours to go before I become a master blogger