I am now officially “addicted” I now develop “cold turkey” if I am not hooked for more than two or three hours. Yes, I am talking about the withdrawal symptoms one gets when one does not get the “fix” one desperately wants.

If you have seen the three words that i placed in quotes – they are usually used in the same sentence when one is describing a person who is hooked to drugs. The term cold turkey is the horrible, sick phenomenon of physical and emotional turbulence that sets in when you are away from the drug that your body and mind are so deeply craving for consumption.

Origin: In the state of drug withdrawal the addicts blood is directed to the internal organs leaving the skin white and with goose bumps and thus resembling a turkey.” (http://www.idiomsite.com/coldturkey.htm)

There is another expression called “plane turkey” which means direct and uncomfortable speaking of the truth. Someone needs to do a plane turkey to me about getting me cold turkeyed off technology.

You cannot use the word Turkey as a verb but in this day of uninhibited expression who can stop me from liberally bending the rules of grammar.