It took a high profile minister and first time MP to bring to surface the travails of those who travel cattle class. While the jury is yet to announce the verdict, about Tharoor spare the man a thought. Here was a man who was used to jetsetting and hobnobbing with the world’s top bureaucrats for decades. A man, who used English language as a primary tool to raise his own profile as well as India’s in the league of United Nations.  A Man who was almost the Secretary General of United Nations, a toothless, yet high profile position. Suddenly he finds himself in the complex, complicated scheme of Indian polity.  Where speed and style of responses reigned supreme in his earlier milieu, now he has to watch every step in the crazy 24 hour media channels era. Where he flourished with the turn of phrase and the ocassional literary dazzle, he now has to be cagey not knowing which of his acts under immense scrutiny will stir a hornets nest.

Come on India, we are far more forgiving than that. If we can elect and re-elect thugs and the ocassional politician with blood on his hands to the highest offices in the country, Cant we spare a man who has nothing but the ocassional guilt of straightforwardness.

Shashi – keep speaking your mind. You are not perfect but we arent either.  It is nice to have a politician who loves PG Wodehouse and roots for the ocassional tickle.  The other ego-inflated politicians will get over it once some one they can fawn over walks into the room.