The Right to Lead, by John Maxwell

Men and women who lead on the highest level are quite extraordinary. They are people of action who have their priorities in line. I’ve found that there are some common threads in these uncommon leaders. They are: Futurists: Their dreams are bigger than their memories. Lobbyists: Their cause outlives and out speaks their critics. Catalysts: They initiate movement and momentum for others. Specialists: They don’t do everything; they do one thing well. Optimists: They believe in their cause and their people beyond reason. Economists: They value every resource as a steward of their cause. Activists: They are doers and empower others by their actions. Strategists: They plan how to use every resource available to be successful. Enthusiasts: They have a passion that defies logic and magnetically attracts others. Pragmatists: Their legacy is that they solve the practical problems people face. Industrialists: They roll up their sleeves and work hard. Finalists: They labor with diligence and dedication to the end so that they finish well